Corvera (RMU) after half a years opening.

Once again I came across this news bulletin from Murcia Today.

This time I wonder if Corvera is not actually fulfilling its promises or are the charges too steep for the bucket-flights? Reading between the lines, it looks like a bit of this and some of the other.

Anyway, this headline caught my attention: Corvera airport lost over 69,000 passengers in first months of operation. Frightening thoughts went through my head like “don’t do this to us again, please don’t go bust for a second time”. The so-called international airport is mostly servicing flights to-and-from the UK.

If you are going to my flat check this out.




More about Corvera (RMU)

I was checking up on RMU (Murcia’s International Airport) especially who was flying to RMU and from which London Airport:

Gatwick (LGW) Easy Jet & Ryanair
Heathrow (LHR) British Airways & Ryanair
London City (LCY) no direct flights
Luton (LTN) Ryanair
Southend (SEN) Easy Jet (2days only)
Stanstead (STN) Ryanair

My main reason for this survey was that I had heard rumours about Ryanair NOT flying to RMU and that they had switched their passengers from RMU to Alicante, wow that would be an expensive switch if you had a car-hire lined up in RMU. I definitely wouldn’t be happy.

After having looked a flight schedules it looks like Ryanair, after the changeover from San Javier to Corvera have got their act together and are now flying on a regular basis to RMU.

I have added the following list of cheep flight to-and-from UK airports
to Alicante (ALC) and Corvera (RMU)

Ryanair fly’s
to RMU from: and to ALC from:
n/a Aberdeen
n/a Belfast International
Birmingham Birmingham
Bournemouth Bournemouth
n/a Bristol
East Midlands East Midlands
n/a Edinburgh
n/a Exeter
n/a Glasgow
Glasgow Prestwick Glasgow Prestwick
Leeds Bradford Leeds Bradford
n/a Liverpool
n/a London Gatwick
London Luton London Luton
n/a London Southend
London Stansted London Stansted
Manchester Manchester


EasyJet fly’s
to RMU from: and to ALC from:
Bristol Bristol
n/a Edinburgh
n/a Exeter
n/a Glasgow
n/a Liverpool
London Gatwick London Gatwick
London Luton London Luton
London Southend London Southend
n/a Manchester
n/a Newcastle

Norwegian also fly from London Gatwick to Alicante

And possible some of the new Polish, Romanian & Bulgarian airlines.


Catching up with Spain

So much has happened since I last placed a post.

Novasol – my letting agent – suddenly, without warning downgraded me from 4 to 3 Star.
It just didn’t make sense; but I had too much on my plate to consider a trip to Spain to sort it out.

Novasol had contacted me stating that they couldn’t get hold of my key-holder, I tried but couldn’t either.
The lodger in February was NOT happy with the cleanliness of the flat!
This was now the second time I had been informed of said.

Also, when I was there at the end of 2017 I had noticed that the flat was NOT spick and span.
I did tell the key-holder that anything that could shine MUST shine, and the place should smell clean
– use furnishers spray to dust with, and air the flat for atleast day before any lodgers take over.

Anyway, I had told the key-holder that I was coming with a friend for 10 days.
We spend the 10 days cleaning the flat. Grrrr. It really was filthy.
The key-holder had put me in touch with a decorator, who decorated/repainted – the whole flat from top to bottom,
incl. stripping the metal railings and re-paint them. Make good any damage to any of the walls.
And of course, clean the flat afterward.

I had arrived home when I remember that he should also check the air-cons and get them serviced if needed.
Guess what? They needed servicing.

I also got him to install a air-went in the bath-room.

All this happen prior to the next 2 lots of lodgers.
And that was very lucky because of the temperatures during their stay.


Talk about false economy!

I purchased, one and a half years ago, a second-hand fridge freezer for €100 plus delivery. It died, and my poor lodgers have been without a fridge-freezer in this heat.

I feel for them, especially as they were returning guests. However they were very understanding, and as my caretaker had lost his wife and so of course couldn’t concentrate 100% on them I have offered that they don’t have to pay for the utilities during their stay. I feel that’s the least I can do to show some goodwill. My caretaker has now replaced the fridge-freezer with a brand new one. Many thanks to him.

I have had and still have a great season, thanks to Novasol, my letting agent. It has been the best move I have made toward renting out the flat. This year it has been rented out all of June, July and August bar 1 week. And it’s even occupied for 3 weeks in November. Not at all bad, at least it is now paying for itself.

Bookings update for 2017

I was tidying up my background database in readiness for 2017 and when I looked at the booking from 2016 I was so pleasantly surprised to see that there had been 118 days booked by my letting agent, many, many thanks.

So I entered the calendar for 2017 and moved all the pre-bookings and was even more surprised as there is already 110 days booked (28 of which is from my friend in Sweden).


I have also released 2 new guides, one in English and one in Danish, of how to get to the flat from Alicate and Murcia airport.