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Marlis Rodio was born at the end of WW2 in Denmark, where she grew up. She moved to Switzerland when she was 20 and she was married and divorced there. Marlis became interested in IT in the late 60's and worked on mainframes since 1968 until 2003. She moved to UK in 1978 and started her own IT support business in 1996. This was expanded in 2004 it to include basic IT traning.

Corvera (RMU) after half a years opening.

Once again I came across this news bulletin from Murcia Today.

This time I wonder if Corvera is not actually fulfilling its promises or are the charges too steep for the bucket-flights? Reading between the lines, it looks like a bit of this and some of the other.

Anyway, this headline caught my attention: Corvera airport lost over 69,000 passengers in first months of operation. Frightening thoughts went through my head like “don’t do this to us again, please don’t go bust for a second time”. The so-called international airport is mostly servicing flights to-and-from the UK.

If you are going to my flat check this out.




More about Corvera (RMU)

I was checking up on RMU (Murcia’s International Airport) especially who was flying to RMU and from which London Airport:

Gatwick (LGW) Easy Jet & Ryanair
Heathrow (LHR) British Airways & Ryanair
London City (LCY) no direct flights
Luton (LTN) Ryanair
Southend (SEN) Easy Jet (2days only)
Stanstead (STN) Ryanair

My main reason for this survey was that I had heard rumours about Ryanair NOT flying to RMU and that they had switched their passengers from RMU to Alicante, wow that would be an expensive switch if you had a car-hire lined up in RMU. I definitely wouldn’t be happy.

After having looked a flight schedules it looks like Ryanair, after the changeover from San Javier to Corvera have got their act together and are now flying on a regular basis to RMU.

I have added the following list of cheep flight to-and-from UK airports
to Alicante (ALC) and Corvera (RMU)

Ryanair fly’s
to RMU from: and to ALC from:
n/a Aberdeen
n/a Belfast International
Birmingham Birmingham
Bournemouth Bournemouth
n/a Bristol
East Midlands East Midlands
n/a Edinburgh
n/a Exeter
n/a Glasgow
Glasgow Prestwick Glasgow Prestwick
Leeds Bradford Leeds Bradford
n/a Liverpool
n/a London Gatwick
London Luton London Luton
n/a London Southend
London Stansted London Stansted
Manchester Manchester


EasyJet fly’s
to RMU from: and to ALC from:
Bristol Bristol
n/a Edinburgh
n/a Exeter
n/a Glasgow
n/a Liverpool
London Gatwick London Gatwick
London Luton London Luton
London Southend London Southend
n/a Manchester
n/a Newcastle

Norwegian also fly from London Gatwick to Alicante

And possible some of the new Polish, Romanian & Bulgarian airlines.


Catching up with Spain

So much has happened since I last placed a post.

Novasol – my letting agent – suddenly, without warning downgraded me from 4 to 3 Star.
It just didn’t make sense; but I had too much on my plate to consider a trip to Spain to sort it out.

Novasol had contacted me stating that they couldn’t get hold of my key-holder, I tried but couldn’t either.
The lodger in February was NOT happy with the cleanliness of the flat!
This was now the second time I had been informed of said.

Also, when I was there at the end of 2017 I had noticed that the flat was NOT spick and span.
I did tell the key-holder that anything that could shine MUST shine, and the place should smell clean
– use furnishers spray to dust with, and air the flat for atleast day before any lodgers take over.

Anyway, I had told the key-holder that I was coming with a friend for 10 days.
We spend the 10 days cleaning the flat. Grrrr. It really was filthy.
The key-holder had put me in touch with a decorator, who decorated/repainted – the whole flat from top to bottom,
incl. stripping the metal railings and re-paint them. Make good any damage to any of the walls.
And of course, clean the flat afterward.

I had arrived home when I remember that he should also check the air-cons and get them serviced if needed.
Guess what? They needed servicing.

I also got him to install a air-went in the bath-room.

All this happen prior to the next 2 lots of lodgers.
And that was very lucky because of the temperatures during their stay.


Talk about false economy!

I purchased, one and a half years ago, a second-hand fridge freezer for €100 plus delivery. It died, and my poor lodgers have been without a fridge-freezer in this heat.

I feel for them, especially as they were returning guests. However they were very understanding, and as my caretaker had lost his wife and so of course couldn’t concentrate 100% on them I have offered that they don’t have to pay for the utilities during their stay. I feel that’s the least I can do to show some goodwill. My caretaker has now replaced the fridge-freezer with a brand new one. Many thanks to him.

I have had and still have a great season, thanks to Novasol, my letting agent. It has been the best move I have made toward renting out the flat. This year it has been rented out all of June, July and August bar 1 week. And it’s even occupied for 3 weeks in November. Not at all bad, at least it is now paying for itself.

Bookings update for 2017

I was tidying up my background database in readiness for 2017 and when I looked at the booking from 2016 I was so pleasantly surprised to see that there had been 118 days booked by my letting agent, many, many thanks.

So I entered the calendar for 2017 and moved all the pre-bookings and was even more surprised as there is already 110 days booked (28 of which is from my friend in Sweden).


I have also released 2 new guides, one in English and one in Danish, of how to get to the flat from Alicate and Murcia airport.